Who we are

Our true mission is to be the best partner when it comes to packaging design, artwork and reprographics. Our focus is to do things smarter for the benefit of everyone involved. Every day and for all our clients. We are not looking to be the biggest company around. After all, that wouldn't be in our clients' interest.

A reliable partner

ZDSGN is a Dutch artwork and pre-press specialist that has 60 years' experience in designing for both local and international manufacturers of branded goods. We are experts when it comes to international brand and packaging design. With great dedication and pride, we work for international manufacturers and their brands. We are familiar with the demanding environment in which these companies operate and compete. We support them in their efforts. Our expertise and experience enables us to play a unique role for our clients. ZDSGN specialises in the process of creating a unique design all the way into translating that design into a graphic file, ready to be printed on packaging. From consultation all the way to fast, efficient implementation.

We manage every single step of the process, creating effective packaging on behalf of our clients. Our commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technological innovations, our consistently excellent customer service and the genuine enthusiasm of our team members: these are our greatest assets. That combination ensures our ability to deliver international brand consistency, quick project rollouts and maximum value for money. We have consciously opted for a centralised way of working. From our office in Rotterdam, we effectively serve clients all over the world. This centralisation helps prevent rework and miscommunication. We can thus maintain quality while guaranteeing shorter lead times.

What we do

For the brands of our customers we manage the total process from packaging design to delivery of final ready to print data to global print and production suppliers. Dedicated service and advice are an important part of our packaging management process.

How we do it

We understand the demanding environment in which our clients operate and compete.
Based on our expertise and experience and with great dedication and pride, we provide our clients with outstanding services.

Our services

  • Artwork & prepress management

    Artwork & prepress management

    We use world class technology to create thousands of commercial artworks every year. In any language and on every continent. Day in and day out, we create calm and order amidst the chaos that is sourcing, assembly, use and reuse of data for branded packaging, plus numerous variations of each product. Our automated workflows ensure precision and discipline. These qualities are reinforced by the skills and know how of our experienced staff. They use their expertise to create artwork that precisely meets the needs of the individual client.

  • Non strategic design

    Non strategic design

    We are experts in design execution. Line extensions, Seasonal packaging, Promotional packaging, our design professionals will execute any project fast, efficient, according to the brand identity but foremost with effective design.

  • Print and colour

    Print and colour

    In order to achieve a strong global brand, consistency and precision in printing and colour are vitally important. That's why our team works closely with printing companies, constantly searching for the best ways to offer our clients the high quality, consistent and cost-effective solutions they need. We work with hundreds of printing companies all over the world; we understand better than anyone what can and can’t be done in terms of printing. How can one achieve the best result - and where can savings be made in the process? We have the answers.

  • Quality control

    Quality control

    We maintain our commitment to quality and to the client in everything we do. Quality control is an integral part of the artwork and reprographic management process. This not only applies at the end of the process, but every step of the way. Our quality control team know our clients’ needs. Our technology and experienced operators, together with our knowledge of clients and branding, enable us to improve quality and reduce the final cost to the client: by keeping reworks to a minimum, for example.

  • Premediapower


    ZDSGN works with PreMediaPower, an innovative online tool for project management, asset management and the production of all kinds of pre-media projects. Users include our employees, our clients worldwide and their suppliers. PreMediaPower can automate the production of artwork, allowing for greater precision and speed in the pre-media stage. This in turn ensures faster delivery and a shorter lead time for each project. It automates workflows in order to maximise speed, quality and precision. Our technology effectively streamlines the client's processes, from new product concept all the way to printed packaging. The result: total control, discipline and efficiency. PreMediaPower was designed to enable brand owners to manage their own packaging instructions - whatever the scale of the project. This ingenious online workflow management tool allows all participants in a project to work together efficiently, saving time and money. The system is intuitive and adaptable; it can be tailored to fit any brand. This makes using the software a smooth experience for all parties involved - from the designers and product managers, to the marketing team and brand managers. PreMediaPower is constantly undergoing further development. Our software development team will ensure that the software continues to satisfy our clients’ needs.

  • More packaging solutions

    More packaging solutions

    Mock-up’s & Packshots
    Digital Asset Management
    Colour Proofing Pre-distortion for schrink sleeves
    Print run attendance
    Printer profiling (Fingerprinting)
    Printer assesments
    Pre-media workflow consultancy.


We have consciously opted for a centralised way of working. From our office in Rotterdam, we effectively serve clients all over the world.
This centralisation helps prevent rework and miscommunication. We can thus maintain quality while guaranteeing shorter lead times.


We have our own in-house software development team of experienced and enthusiastic programmers.
Every day, they develop our own products that allow us to assist our clients as efficiently as possible at all times. Through consistent in-house access to the latest high-tech solutions, we are assured of optimal scalability, productivity and innovation.


We believe strongly in the importance of investing in long term relationships with our clients. We have no desire to be a passive supplier. Rather, we aim to be strategic partners for innovation, working together with clients to achieve joint success. Through constant innovation, we make sure that our customers' performance and growth - and thus that of ZDSGN - remain at the highest level. To that end, our priority lies in achieving comprehensive global brand consistency. We enjoy helping to shape the future of our industry. By combining tireless innovation in technology and processes with the skills and passion of our people, we facilitate our clients' efforts to effectively influence the in-store purchasing behaviour of their customers.


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